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As Barb and I have transitioned our shop to doing carving, and making boxes, chairs, and pens; we will continue to revamp our website to sell those items and to accept commissions.  We aim to offer better photography than before so you can appreciate the quality and elegance of what we offer. We have both been trained by talented artisans and this love of the work comes out in the final product.  Jim feels greatly blessed by his study of woodcarving with Harley Refsal, Hans Sandom, and with Phil Odden and Else Bigton of Norsk Wood Works.  There are many other carvers and turners who helped Jim and Barb get to this point.   Jim is especially indebted to the North Dakota Council on the Arts for making it possible to do a Folk and Traditional Arts Apprenticeship with Phil Odden in 2018-2019.  Please take a look at our website at

Even the name of our business, Skanderna, Swedish for Scandinavian, and the name of the mountain range running through Norway, Sweden, and Finland, should tell you of our connection to ancestral lands, continued fascination with geology, and our striving for mountaintop excellence in creating art in wood. This website is still under construction, but check back with us as very soon it will give opportunities to make online purchases. If you are interested in offering a commission for us, please email us at


Published by jimmy_acanthus

I hand carve Norwegian Ale Bowls, and offer acanthus carving, low relief, chip carving, and Scandinavian figure carving. I work with greenwood to make spoons and bowls, and build period furniture.

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