Skanderna Wood Works, SWW, is about the artful tradition of carving Norwegian ale bowls, Norwegian acanthus, and building antique reproductions of 18th Century furniture. Our new website is https://www.skandernawoodworks.com and you can contact us by email at sww@skandernawoodworks.com. We are located in Eastern North Dakota in an area heavily populated by descendants of Norwegian and Swedish immigrants. Our business is in Devils Lake, at 201 9th Ave. SE, and we will soon provide hand carved articles on commission. Jim Paulson is a professionally trained woodcarver and chair maker. Jim has been trained by woodcarvers Phil Odden and Else Bigton of Norsk Wood Works (located in Barronett, Wisconsin), Hans Sandom (Minnetonka, MN), Harley Refsal (Decorah, IA), and Wayne Barton of the Alpine School of Woodcarving (located in Park Ridge, IL). From 2007 to 2014, Jim studied the art of making hand made antique reproductions of American Windsor chairs through completing numerous courses with master chair maker Mike Dunbar of Hampton, NH.

Skanderna Wood Works got its name from the beautiful mountain range that runs north to south through Norway, Sweden, and Finland. We are excited to take on more carving work now than we did as Black Swamp Windsors. So as admirers of geology and nature, as well as passionate creators of wood articles, Jim and Barb now take their business name from those prominent and enduring mountain features in Scandinavia. As Skanderna Wood Works we hope our artistic ventures will stand among those who hold dear to the traditional folk art of Norway and Scandinavia. Since Jim’s father has ancestral roots in that part of the world, and our continued passion for Nordic carvings, we’ve chosen Skanderna for the mountain top inspiration we’ll build on. Jim has made the commitment to that woodcarving emphasis through years of coursework and more recently as an apprentice with Phil Odden of Norsk Wood Works. Barb also does wood turning and she makes hand made wooden pens that will be available for purchase through our website.

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